Our Capabilities

At Utama Ventures, we boost new venture growth by giving start-ups a view of their own capabilities, the demands and structure of their chosen market, and insight into how investors view them. By working through the forecasting and planning effort, new ventures are able to reposition their products and better use their own resources to succeed in a competitive market. We assist small enterprises in bringing innovation into the global market, helping them adapt to new conditions and develop new products and lines of business. We provide a full range of services for accelerating a business, such as business planning, funding strategy & preparation, and marketing & sales management. We help build the network of partnerships and customers needed to make a company successful.

Shipping & Logistics

Our extensive freight-forwarding experience allows us to select the most advantageous routes and transportation modes for every type of cargo or product, be it by water, air, or ground. Our complete suite of shipping and logistics services comes together to provide a comprehensive shipping solution for domestic and international transport needs.

Marketing & Analytics

We use straightforward business models that analyze a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to create the foundation of a marketing strategy. To do so, we take into account what a company can and cannot do as well as any potential favorable or unfavorable conditions related to the company’s products or services.

Web Design & Development

We view web design as a practical art – a combination of form and function. Both of these elements are crucial, and going to market with one alone is often an expensive exercise in futility. Additionally, great web design involves achieving a design that is both usable and pleasing while also delivering information, building the brand, and being technically sound and visually coherent.

Strategic Management

We view strategic management as a collaborative process and balance of the analysis, decisions, and actions a company undertakes in order to create and sustain competitive advantages. This means developing and and leveraging smart tools and support for core business goals.

Our Skills

Utama Ventures offers over 20 combined years of core business, logistics, project management, and operations experience. In addition to our core skills, we possess the following skills listed below.

Utama Ventures understands the importance of a company’s web graphics and design, and we help small businesses gain the confidence of their customers. Our designs can help strengthen company branding and optimize online business performances and presence. We specialize in unique branding elements and web design, working hand in hand not only with online and print materials, but also with a company’s overall marketing strategy. Web graphics and design influences how people view a business; it is a representation of a company, and people use it to make the split-second decision of whether the company is credible, authoritative, and trustworthy. We can help create business websites that are efficient as well as beautiful and attractive.

With the boom of mobile and web technologies, digital video and animation production has experienced substantial growth within the last decade. It remains one of the most expensive and most in-demand communication mediums available. Production of media is costly because it relies on skilled labor and expertise. The common individual with little or no media experience is unable to afford such talent; most people don’t even know where to find it. Utama Ventures can help our partners create the most effective, user-friendly way of bridging the gap between web, media production, and automation technologies.

Creative writing is an essential tool in marketing. More and more, companies are forming their own media properties. It’s an effective way for them to keep the attention of their consumers, or as we say, “sell without selling.” Original and informative content is a very effective way to capture and keep the consumer’s attention. Creative writing can include blog posts, Facebook & Twitter comments, brand slogans, scripted videos, informative studies, and more. We understand that a company may not have the resources or time to generate original content. At Utama Ventures, we can assist with creative writing and incorporate it as part of your brand strategy.

Every successful company knows that social media is an extension of what a great business does well already: listening, engaging, and offering customer service. Over the years the principles have never changed – only the tools we use to get our message across. At Utama Ventures we can show you the essential skills your company needs to effectively communicate with your customers using relevant social media outlets. We can help run social campaigns by building passionate communities, engaging with consumers, establishing a social voice, creating content, establishing key metrics, and highlighting first-mover opportunities. Let us help your business execute basic branding and campaigns on social platforms.

Visual storytelling is the key of successful brand marketing and visual branding. Visual content and graphics are always a strong strategic part of any new-media marketing plan. Fresh, original, and informative content and graphics – if used correctly and consistently – can be a very effective way to capture and keep consumer attention and build brand reputation. Creating elements that are visually appealing will help your brand gain more recognition on the marketplace.

Digital web content curation is a crucial part of a modern online strategy; this includes information architecture, content migration, and other complex strategies. Organizing a company’s online information can involve labeling and organizing websites, managing intranets, and monitoring online communities. Utama Ventures has several methods to bring the principles of design and architecture to the digital landscape.